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Naphthalene series high performance water reducing agent

SNF has high waterreducing rate, not retarded and bleed air, and the advantages of strongadaptability, can significantly improve the workability of concrete to reducemixing water consumption, and can significantly improve the strength of theconcrete。Especiallysuitable for using in the following concrete works: flow concrete, plasticizingconcrete, concrete pipe concrete, permeability oncrete, waterproof concrete,natural curing of prefabricated concrete, reinforced and prestressed concrete,high strength and ultra high strength concrete.
Polycarboxylic acid water reducingagent

PCE is a kind ofhigh performance water reducing agent, water reducing agent is one of theconcrete use cement dispersant.In construction area,polycarboxylatesuperplasticizer can be suitable for high speed railway and passengerdedicated line, industrial and civil buildings, roads, Bridges, ports, airportsand other projects of the construction of the precast and cast-in-place concrete,reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.Particularly applicable to longtime formulate concrete construction and the project which has strictrequirements on the concrete slump,such as nuclear power engineering.


In construction area,lignosulphonate can be used as concrete water reducingagent, adsorption and dispersion of cement, can improve the physical propertiesof concrete.Reduce water more than 13%, improve the workability of concrete,and can greatly reduce the cement early hydration heat of hydration, it can bemixed into early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, afterbeing compounded with naphthalene series high performance water reducing agentto liquid,it is hardly has sediment.

Sodium gluconate

In construction area,sodium gluconate can be used as cement admixture.Afteradding a certain amount of sodium gluconate in cement, it can increase theplasticity and strength of concrete, and also has retardation function .Inconcrete,it can act as water reducer and retarding agent.

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