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Printing and dyeing industry
Dispersant NNO

Dispersant NNO ismainly used for disperse dyes, VAT dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, and leatherdyes, the dispersing agent in the fine grinding effect, increases thesolubility, dispersion;Can also be used for textile printing and dyeing,wettability pesticides dispersant, papermaking with dispersant, electroplating additives, water soluble paint, pigment dispersant, water treatment agent,carbon black, dispersant, etc.Dispersing agent NNO in industry is mainly usedfor VAT dye suspension pad dyeing, dyeing leuco acid method, dispersion withsoluble VAT dyes, dyeing, etc.Can also be used for silk/wool interwoven fabricdyeing, there is no color of silk.Dispersing agent NNO in the dye industry ismainly used as dispersion and the spread of the lake was manufacturedfertilizer, rubber emulsion stability, as well as leather auxiliary tanningagent.


Sodium and Calcium lignosulphonate is mainly used to disperse and VAT dyes, also can be used asacid dyes of the thinner, pigment dispersant.

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