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Aliphatic High Range Water Reducing Agents
Aliphatic High Range Water Reducing Agents
Aliphatic High Range WaterReducing Agents

【Product Property】

1.High waterreducing rate.With dosage of 1-2%, water reducing rate can reach 15-25%.Underthe condition of equal strength and slump, mixing aliphatic water reducingagent can save 25-30% of the cement consumption.

2.Early and enhancestrength effect is obvious.Concrete mixed with aliphatic high rang waterreducing agent, three days can meet the design strength of 60-70%, seven dayscan reach 100%, 28 days 30-40% higher than that of blank concrete strength.

3.With othercomposite retarder used (such as sodium gluconate, maltodextrin, etc.) can makethe concrete slump loss is significantly reduced, basic no loss of 60 min,90min loss of 10-20%;

4.Wideapplicability of cement and concrete reinforced effect is obvious, slump lossis small, low temperature without sodium sulfate crystallizationphenomenon,widely used for dispensing pumping agent, retarded, early strength,antifreeze, gas and other kinds of personality agent, can also compound withnaphthalene series water reducing agent, amino water reducing agent andpolycarboxylic acid water reducing agent.

5.It cansignificantly improve the freeze resistance of concrete, impermeability,resistance to sulfate attack, and comprehensively improve the other physicalproperties of concrete;

【Package, Storage &Transportation】

Package:PCE liquid is packed in sealedplastic drum/IBC tank, including 200kg drum, 1100kg IBC tank, or packedaccording to customer requirements.

Storage:The shelf life is one year. Afterthe expiration date, it can be used again if the testing results fall withinthe established range.

Transportation:It is non-dangerous products. It can be transported by trian, ship and truck.

【Technical Data】

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