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【Product Property】

1.It has good water reduction and dispersion effect. It can improve theconcrete pore structure and increase the density of concrete.
2.It is suitable for ornamental concrete, color concrete, refractory concrete,prefabricated concrete, cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete,prestressed concrete,  naturalconservation and steam curing concrete engineering and products, all kinds ofsilicate series of cement products.
3.It has good workability and flowability. It is good for the luster,homogeneity and color retention of concrete.
4.It can improve the dirt resistance, wear resistance and frost resistence ofornamental concrete.
5.With a very low alkali content,  it canimprove the durability of concrete components and reduce the probability of theoccurrence of aggregate reaction.
6. The dosage depends on the requirements of differenet engineering and shouldbe determined by test. Usually, the dosage is about 0.8% to 2% of cementingmaterials. And the recommended dosage is 1.5%.

【Package, Storage &Transportation】

Package:Sealed plastic drum/IBC tank, including 200kg drum, 1100kg IBC tank, or packedaccording to customer requirements.

Storage:The shelf life is one year. After the expiration date, it can be used again ifthe testing results fall within the established range.

Transportation: Itis non-dangerous products. It can be transported by trian, ship and truck.


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